About samplehound

About Samplehound


Samplehound is a project set up by UK musician and composer Rich Townsend.  Retired from a career in business, Rich now has the time and energy to develop his music,  aiming to release a total of 16 albums of new music by the end of 2023.

Rich works with synthesisers and samplers to create music with the aim of making people feel good, something that is important in these difficult times. Rich uses elements from jazz, rock and classical music to create electronic music with strong melodies, interesting harmonies and powerful dynamics. He also creates acoustic pieces, some of which are folk-oriented, others based on classical music or jazz. Some Samplehound albums will mix electronic and acoustic elements together; others will be purely acoustic. Some will be energising and uplifting, others relaxing and restful. The more gentle Samplehound albums will be given the label Samplehound Relax.

Rich plays jazz piano in London big band King Groovy and the Hornstars.  He lives with his partner and their dog in south-east England.  He is a big fan of Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Bill Bruford, Eliane Elias, Donald Fagen, Peter Gabriel, Muse, Stevie Wonder and Michel Camilo. He is also influenced by the original generation of prog bands such as Genesis, Camel and Rush.



Rich (with lockdown hair)

Rich (with lockdown hair)

Beautiful” - Kev Rowe

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I loved every minute of this” - Luiness at Peace of Mind

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Awesome” - Max Fedoseev

— Dreamy Soundscapes

Harold Budd had a few drinks with Weather Report and they all decide to make an album...Brian Eno pops by the studio and joins in, along with a guy from a local underground club who happens to have a modular on his person...” - Tony Flynn, Composer

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